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The GS-Series prevailed in Fuel and Maintenance cost savings.

The Total Life Cycle Cost for these machines is greatly reduced.
Initial Purchase Price & Cost of Ownership equate to the best choice.


Total Cost of Ownership:

 GSS DeIcers offer a variety of advantages when compared to conventional Deicers. The initial purchase price is not only cost competitive, the total cost of ownership of GSS DeIcer’s is significantly lower over the course of a 15-20 year life cycle.


»Initial Purchase Price

»Maintenance Expenses

»Safety Cost

»Operations Expenses

 Purpose Built Chassis:

 In lieu of a commercially produced truck chassis, GSS DeIcer’s incorporate a custom purpose built chassis, designed from the ground up, to withstand the harsh Airport /Airline operating environment. It is designed for a 20+ year service life, with emphasis on rugged steel construction.

Hydrostatic Drive Functions:

GSS DeIcer’s use a single diesel engine utilizing a hydrostatic drive. This system not only provides a fuel cost savings, but also provides a substantial “Green” reduction in carbon emissions due to the constant speed nature of its design. With this drive there is no need for the constant winding up and down of the engine in order to shift gears as in an ordinary automatic transmission. This as compared with other conventional deicers results in a much more efficient and cleaner operating machine.


on average
GS-Series De-Icers Consume

35% less fuel

than conventional deicers


GS Aerial Device:

GSS DeIcer’s aerial device is custom designed and built, it far exceeds many competitors commercial “off the shelf” units. The aerial device meets all regulatory requirements by utilizing a 5 to1 safety factor for static loading and a 3 to1 safety factor for dynamic loading.

GSS Deicer Advantages:

»Purpose Built Unit utilizing Single Engine Design
»Safe Operation with Designs that Exceed Industry Standards
»Proven Simplistic Design
»Maintenance Efficient
»Fuel Efficient

Single Diesel Engine Drive Design:

GSS DeIcer’s are designed from conception with economy and simplicity in mind. The use of a single “swing out” diesel engine for all drive and system functions provides for greatly increased ease of maintenance. This translates directly into increased reliability and substantial dollar savings in both operating and maintenance cost. GSS’s largest DeIcer’s generate a fuel cost savings of 44% and a maintenance / operational cost savings of 37% over conventional deicers.


GS Deicers require

35% Less


than Conventional Deicers on average.

Safe Operation:

»Aerial Device Safety Factor in excess of 5:1
»Excellent Visibility of 360 Degrees
»Drive system allows for optimal handling and maneuverability
»Proportional Boom controls provide excellent inching capabilities


Purpose Built Unit:

»Custom Chassis built from the ground up to be a Deicer
»Single Engine Design greatly reduces Maintenance Requirements
»Drive system allows for optimal handling and maneuverability
»Hydra-Static Drive System


»Industry Standard Fluid Pumping Systems
»Simplistic 12VDC Heater Control Systems
»Established Industry Standard Drive System
»Parts are available on a Local Level


The related analysis is based on a 120 day Deicing Season.
The Daily Duty Cycles are assumed to be 8 Hours.
Each 8 Hour Cycle Dispensed two Truckloads of Deicing Agent.
Flow Rate utilized 27GPM.


OEM Spotlight

“An airplane in need of deicing isn’t going to fly. Unscheduled downtime is not an option.”

-Industrial Engine Power Report Article