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Factory New vs Factory Used

Can't afford new? GSS often times has many used factory certified units available.

"It's a good question. The long-established philosophy of buying new GSE for a ramp operation has accrued plenty of adherents down the decades - but it's not the only way to go about ground handling. Do your market research, add up the dollars and cents and the cost of refurbished or rebuilt ramp vehicles may well surprise you.

Zero Time is the buzzword here: in this respect, there are several companies able to offer the fleet buyer an item of GSE that is (to all intents and purposes) as good as new. Stripping the GSE down to the chassis or frame and then rebuilding it effectively gives you a brand new vehicle for a fraction of the cost..."

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NMC Wollard Pushback Tractor


Price: 34,900.00


A low profile, dual purpose, and low center of gravity tow tractor, ideal for corporate and regional jet applications. An 8,000 to 14,000 DBP tow tractor has proven itself in many corporate and regional jet applications including pushback and cargo hauling.